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Who are We

Emdee Digitronics Private Limited (EDPL) has been catering to IT & ITeS assignments as its prime focus since 2004-05, particularly for Governments in several Indian States. We are an ISO 9001 certified ‘small service entrepreneur’ having branch/project offices in Delhi, Patna, Deoghar and Malda besides the HO at Kolkata. We have at present around 20000 workmen on our payroll and they have been assigned to different projects all over India. The average turnover of our company has been Rs.36 crore during the last three years.

Our Skills
ITeS 90%
IT Supplies & Maintenance 85%
Software & Web Development 75%
ISP 80%
Why Choose Us?
This is what we do better than others

Majority Promoters of this Company had been associated with IT/ ITeS businesses since 1995 and had started their business jointly in Computer Training in association with Webel Informatics Limited (a Govt. of West Bengal Undertaking) at Malda College, Malda – 732101. Later their partnership did several large volume Govt. Data Processing jobs through WIL, ET&T Development Corporation Limited (a Govt. of India Enterprise) & CMC Limited (the then Govt. of India Enterprise) and directly for Directorate of Land Records & Surveys, Govt. of West Bengal and West Bengal State Electricity Board.

In regard to Service

EDPL is in favour of Webel Technology Limited  (a GoWB Undertaking) & also directly in service of IT products of several GoVT. customers in the State of WB. Some of our service related matter as follows:-


Grievance received from customer through Phone or Email.. The calls of the customers are logged by our Service Coordinators in our call centre, which is open from 10 a.m. to 07 p.m. every day except Sunday & Govt. holidays. The detail information of the customer i.e. the postal address, contact no./ name & system details are noted. The description of the problem is also noted & a docket number with date is given to the customer.

After completion of this primary job, the type of call is identified. The call is divided into two types – AMC based & Warranty based.

We have Registered Office as well as engineers in different districts like Kolkata, Maldah, Murshidabad, Dakshin Dinajpur, Jalpaiguri.

In AMC based call

after identifying the location of the customer the call is transferred immediately to the respective branch. The service engineer of that branch takes care of that case. The problem is visited by the engineer & after visiting, he tries to solve the problem himself. If any parts is damaged (after installing stand-by parts in place of damaged parts) then that parts is delivered to our service centre for repairing & after repairing the parts is delivered to the customer in good condition. If the damaged parts is not repaired then it will be purchased from our side. Lastly feed back from the customer is taken & if the customer is satisfied then the process is closed.

In Warranty based call

at first our service engineer visits the site. If he can solve the problem then the call is closed. But if he founds any parts is damaged then he informed our service coordinator after taking all the information regarding proper address of customer, problem of the system. Then service coordinator at first generates a case ID for our records & she logged the call to the respective manufacturer. And she monitored the entire processing until the call is closed. At last feedback is taken from the customer.